April 10, 2019

10 Reasons Why I Hate Blog Ads

Ads are part of our daily lives. Aside from suffering from Deaf-Blindness. There's no escaping them. We see ads while watching TV, driving around town, at work, shopping, at a

April 5, 2019

37 Amazing Motivational Quotes for Aspiring Bloggers

Whether you like it or not, the right motivational quotes can inspire you to take action. The other day I laid in bed looking up at the ceiling... not wanting

April 3, 2019

21 Dumb Mistakes That Will Doom Your Blog From Day One (Solved)

Anyone can start a blog, but the real test is getting readers. Blogging, at its core, is simple. You write great content, promote it, readers come, and you start cashing

March 29, 2019

21 Data-Driven Techniques To Make Your Content Go Viral (Infographic)

Having a blog post go viral is every blogger's ultimate goal. Writing blog posts that go viral brings thousands, if not millions of new eyes to your blog. Therefore it

March 27, 2019

6 Common Myths of Traffic Generation That Bloggers Need to Kill

Can I be honest with you? Most of the advice on the web about increasing your blog's traffic is completely useless. It's either outdated or overly simplified. And at times

March 25, 2019

Writer’s Block: 33 Tricks I Use to Overcome It Instantly

So you've got nothing to write. You're sitting in your chair staring at a blank screen. Your brain is fried, and nothing you do seems to get your fingers moving.