The Epic Content Machine: 10 Steps To Generating Epic Blog Posts (Infographic)

Epic Content Blog Post

You’ve heard of it many times.

It seems like just about every blogger has said it at one point or another. Content is king. Bill Gates understood this in 1996 and today it has become synonymous among content marketers.

But with so much competition, people aren’t focusing on generating just any content. They want to create epic content.

It’s the holy grail of the blogosphere — highly sought after but rarely achieved.

Epic content is the content that rocks a reader’s world. It gives them hope, solves their problems, and strengthens the trust they have for you.

Creating it, though, feels like mission impossible for most bloggers — just beyond the reach of all but the most accomplished writers.

But in reality, you don’t need to be a Shakespearian to create truly remarkable blog posts.

All you need is a reliable process. One that can be followed over and over to create blog posts that kill the noise and rescues your readers from pain and frustration.

The following exclusive infographic is your blueprint for becoming an epic content creation machine.

So here they are, the 10 steps you must follow to create an epic blog post:


How to create an epic blog post using the epic content machine



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Are You Ready to Become An Epic Content Creating Machine?

Despite what you might believe, you don’t need to be an elite blogger to create an epic blog post. You just need to follow the right process.

So let’s take a further look at the 10 step process for creating epic content.


#1. DETERMINE The Pain Points

An epic post starts with your ideal reader in mind. Your blog post needs to solve a problem he/she is dealing with.

epic blog post

Don’t let the temptation of writing for yourself or to please the SEO gods take over your work.

The number one priority of your post should always be the reader.

Yes, SEO is important, but remember that Google is all about user experience, so if your reader is happy with your epic blog post so will Google.

And don’t forget that your readers are the ones that can turn into paying customers.


How to Discover Your Readers’ Problems:

    • Explore forums and Q&A sites such as Quora.
    • Read blog comments (Yours and your competitors).
    • Review emails from your readers.
    • Ask questions.
    • Conduct interviews.
    • Use social media.

If you do enough snooping around in the above-mentioned places, you’ll be able to create a database of pain points that you can help your readers with.


#2. CHOOSE An Enticing Topic

Regardless of how epic your post is, it’s not going to solve all of your reader’s problems at once. Focus on one aspect of their problems and provide an immediate remedy.

creating epic content

Now that you have a list of pain points that you can help your readers with. You need to decide which one you’ll focus on for your upcoming EPIC blog post.


How to Narrow Down Your Topic:

    • Focus on a single step of a larger process: “Taking low-light pictures” instead of “being a photographer.”
    • Focus on a single outcome:  “Make your first $1,000 blogging” instead of “make money blogging.”

You cannot try to solve all of your reader’s problems in one blog post. Therefore, you need to narrow down your focus.

Doing so will allow you to answer all of your reader’s questions and concerns.

Not to mention that it will bring a more targeted audience to your post which is very important to building trust.


How to Discover if There’s Interest in Your Topic:

    • Use Google to find out if similar blog posts already exist on your chosen topic.
    • Use free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest, or premium ones such as Moz Keyword Explorer and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to check for search volume (aim for at least 1k searches per month).
    • Use social research tools like Buzzsumo to see if similar blog posts are popular on social media (aim for at least 100 shares across all platforms)

You don’t want to get caught working your butt off by writing a blog post that no one cares about.

Use the above-mentioned tools to figure out how much interest there is on the topics you’re considering writing about.

The more shares and searches, the better.


#3. EVALUATE Your Competition

Your blog post probably won’t be the first to cover your chosen topic. Research existing content that covers your topic, looking to discover weaknesses and opportunities.

creating epic blog posts

WordPress users produce about 70 million new blog posts each month.

That works out to almost 850 million blog posts each year.

The chances of you being the first person to write about a specific topic are slim and that’s a great thing.


Because it gives you the chance to see what’s out there on your given topic and create something better.


How to Find Popular Blog Posts on the Same Topic:

    • Use Google to search for relevant keywords: “Taking low-light pictures.”
    • Use Buzzsumo and Ubersuggest to search for popular posts on social media.
    • Spy on your competition… search their blogs for posts on the same topic: “ low-light pictures.”

Google is my best friend. That’s where I usually start when I’m debating what to write about.

I simply type in what I am considering to write a blog post about and see what’s out there on that subject.

Once I see what’s out there, I use Buzzumo and Ubbersuggest to see if there are blog posts on that topic performing well on social media.

Lastly, I visit the blogs of a few of my known competitors to see if they’ve written anything on that topic.

I then pull all this information together on a spreadsheet. Making sure to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each blog post.


#4. DECIDE Your Calculated Difference

Epic content is considerably better than the competition. Differentiate your blog post by identifying a weakness in competing posts and focusing on it.

creating epic content step 4

Just because you’re not the first to write about a specific topic, doesn’t mean you need to make a carbon copy of what’s already out there.

On the contrary, your focus should be on being different. Whether it be writing more in-depth content, or by answering questions left unanswered by others it’s up to you.

Epic blog posts are always better than the rest, so you must decide what will differentiate your blog post from all the rubbish that’s already out there.


How to Differentiate Your Blog Post from the Competition:

    • Visuals

Use colors, images, and charts to create a visually spectacular blog post.

    • Data

Use current real-world data that your competitors’ posts lack.

    • Emotion

Use drama and storytelling to take your readers on a roller coaster ride.

    • Magnify

Explore your topic in more detail than your competitors.


In your research, you’ll find out that most of the blog posts out there on any given topic is lacking in one of the four areas mentioned above.

It’s your job to make sure you tackle those weaknesses in order to elevate your post into the epic stratosphere.



When I started doing research on epic content, I noticed that the best content on the subject was either an infographic or a well-detailed article.

However, not one blog post combined the two. Therefore I decided that my “calculated difference” would be to combine a beautiful infographic, with a well-written article on the topic.


#5. CONCEIVE Your Irresistible Headline

The main job of your headline is to entice your audience to click on it and read your blog post. Take your time in creating a magnetic headline that makes readers drool to learn more.

creating epic blog post process

You’d be surprised at the number of bloggers who put so much effort into writing an epic blog post but forget all about the headline.

Believe or not, when it comes to organic traffic, the headline is one of the most important aspects of the success of your post.

If the headline copy doesn’t entice people to click on it, your blog post is doomed to fail.


How to Craft a Headline that Gets Clicked by Using Michael Masterson’s 4 U Method:

    • Urgent

“I must read this now.”

    • Unique

“I have not read this anywhere else.”

    • Useful

“I will learn something from this.”

    • Ultra-Specific

“I know exactly what this blog post is about.”


When crafting your headline, make sure it checks the boxes above.

It has to entice people to click on it in order for your epic blog post to succeed.


#6. RESEARCH Your Chosen Topic

An epic blog post is only as valuable as the information it contains. Increase your knowledge on the topic by gathering information that backs your point of view through in-depth research.

epic content creation process

You might succeed in getting people to click on your article by creating a magnetic headline.

However, if the information you present to your readers is wack, they’ll just bounce on out.

Therefore, no matter how much of an expert you might be on your chosen topic. It’s always a good idea to do your research and gather information that backs your point of view.


How to Conduct Proper Research

    • Read your competitors’ blog posts on the subject and note their best points.
    • If possible, interview experts to understand their point of view on the topic.
    • Find case studies to explain difficult concepts.
    • Collect real-world data that backs your point of view.

As you can see, much of what it takes to create an epic blog post is knowing what’s already out there and making something better.

You must review your competitors content on your chosen topic. That will give you an idea of what you need to do to eclipse what’s already out there.

Take your research a step further by interviewing experts, finding case studies, and collecting real-world data that can be used to enhance your post.


#7. PICK Your Main Points

Properly organizing your blog post is very important to its success. Create an outline that shines a light on your ideas and creates a blueprint for writing your epic blog post.

process for creating epic content

Enough with the research already… it’s time to pick your main points.

Based on your research you should already have an idea of what you want to talk about.

So choose your main points to start concocting an outline for your post.


Consider the Following While Outlining Your Blog Post:

    • Promise

“Does my content deliver on the promise of its headline?”

    • Flow

“Does the information flow naturally for easy reading?”

    • Doubts

“Have I addressed all the questions or doubts my audience may have?”

    • Thoroughness

“Have I provided enough information for my readers to start taking action?”


In order to create an epic blog post, be sure that your outline and the content you plan on creating answer the above-mentioned questions.


#8. CREATE Your Epic Content

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for your blog post, it’s time to execute. Use everything you’ve put together to create the first draft of your epic blog post.

epic content process

It’s time to write!

Try not to worry too much about grammar, sentence structure or anything of that nature.

Remember, this is your first draft so your only focus should be on writing.


Consider the Following While Writing Your Blog Post:

    • Do I have a compelling lead?

Your introduction needs to make your reader want more.

    • Have I used appealing graphics?

Using great visuals makes your content more appealing and easier to read.

    • Have I made good use of headings and subheadings?

Headings and subheadings help your blog post flow smoothly.

    • Is my work unique?

Set yourself apart from the rest.

    • Does it contain internal/external links?

Use links to point your readers to relevant posts on your blog and relevant information elsewhere.

    • Is it over 2,000 words?

An epic blog post is never light on words. Most well-ranked posts on Google are over 2,000 words.

    • Is it SEO friendly?

Write for people, but keep SEO in mind.

    • Does it solve my readers’ problems?

No point in going through all the effort if you’re not solving anyone’s problems.

    • Have I used proper grammar and spelling?

Keep this in mind, but don’t try to write and edit at the same time.

    • Does my closing statement have a clear call to action?

Your closing statement needs to clearly tell your readers what you want them to do next.


Answer all the above questions before you stop writing.

Doing so will ensure the epicness of your blog post.


#9. EDIT Before You Publish

You’re almost there, but no epic post is complete without editing. To get your first draft ready for publishing review and edit it several times to catch errors and improve its delivery.

epic content creation

Feeling like a proud papa?

I don’t blame you, but before we start celebrating let’s make sure we properly edit your epic blog post.


How to Properly Edit Your Draft:

    • Let the post simmer for a day or two before reviewing and editing it.

It’s hard to properly assess your writing when it’s fresh. Let it sit for a while before editing it.

    • Read it aloud to check clarity and catch any bumbling wording.

This is probably the most important step in the editing process.

    • Eliminate filler words that rob your writing of its power.

Filler words take away from your contents deliver, so eliminate them now.

    • Proofread: Use Grammarly to help discover additional grammar or spelling errors.

I don’t consider myself a great writer, so I always use technology to help in the editing process.

    • Have someone else review it.

The more the merrier. Let someone else review it if possible.

    • Circle back around and edit it one last time.

Just in case, give it one last look to catch any missed mistakes.

    • Preview before publishing.

See what your epic blog post will look like on your blog before actually publishing.


I have come across some great writers, but even the best edit their content before publishing it.

Some pay editors to take care of this step, while other’s do it themselves.

Follow the above editing steps prior to publishing your epic blog posts and you’ll be OK.


#10. PROMOTE Your Published Post

Regardless of how epic your blog post is, if no one knows about it it’s useless and unfortunately it cannot promote itself unless you get the ball rolling. Promote strategically to give your hard work the recognition it deserves.

epic content creation

Promoting your epic blog post might be the last step, but it’s the most important.

If people don’t know about your blog post, then it’s practically useless.

That’s why I like applying the 80/20 rule here by spending 20% of my time writing, and 80% promoting.


How to Promote Your Epic Blog Post:

    • Reach out to influencers and persuade them to spread the word.

Influencers within your niche will have large audiences that are already interested in your content, so getting them to spread the word is perhaps the most important aspect of the promotion process.

    • Share: Create a social media blitz.

I shouldn’t have to sell you on the importance of social media. Make everyone on social media is aware of your epic post.

    • Email your subscribers and get them excited about it.

Contact everyone you know to let them know about your blog post. You never know who it’ll reach.

    • Contact the people you mentioned within the post.

Let everyone you mentioned in your blog post know about it and ask them to share your post with their followers.

    • Answer related questions on Quora.

Find related questions on Quora and reference your blog post in your answers.

    • Reach out to people who previously shared similar content.

If they’ve shared similar content before, they’re likely to share your post.


For further information on how to properly promote your epic blog post read my post on what to do after publishing your first blog post.

It’s imperative that you properly promote your epic post in order for it to reach the masses and bring you the attention you deserve for all the hard work you put in creating it.



Creating epic content doesn’t require special powers.

All you need to do is follow the ten steps laid out on this blog post.

Do it every time your fingers start itching wanting to write a new article, And before you know it, you’ll become an epic content generating machine.

Just make sure you’re leaving ample time for promoting your epic blog posts.

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Have you ever written an epic blog post? If so, share it with me in the comments section.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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