The Beginners Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content (Infographic)

I try to integrate the usage of visually appealing content in every blog post that I publish. From infographics to stock photos, and charts. I’m constantly leveraging visual media.

Why you might ask?

That’s because visual content has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of a blog post — be it by keeping your readers’ attention or by generating backlinks from other blogs who reference your graphics.

So, how do you create these visual gems? Well, the below infographic should help.


The Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


Rule of thumb to keep in mind:


    • Don’t add images just to have an image: Make your images relevant to your content.
    • Don’t use boring images: Avoid pushing your readers away by using visually appealing images.
    • Avoid overused stock photos: Free photos tend to be used a lot. Make sure the photos you chose to use aren’t being used by everybody else.
    • Keep size in mind: Larger images take longer to load. Avoid them to keep from dragging down your blog.


Now that you understand how to properly use visual content in your blog posts, I would like to quickly touch on the 9 types of visual content listed in this infographic.


9 types of visual content:


#1. Creative Photography

These can be photos that you have taken, purchased, or grabbed from an online source.

A great example of using this form of visual content can be found on this blog post about must-have ingredients of a successful blog post.

Every image you see on that post was taken from Pixabay or Canva. I edited some to make them more relevant to the topic so keep that in mind when using free stock photos.

#2. Video

Videos have been growing in popularity over the years.

Proof of this can be found in the growth of content that is being uploaded to Youtube over the years.

Youtube Growth

Bloggers have also increased their use of videos as part of their content marketing strategy.

A great example of this can be found on Neil Patel’s blog. He does a great job mixing in training videos with the more traditional forms of written content.

#3. Screenshots

Taking screenshots of valuable information and adding them to your blog posts can be a great way to add appeal to your content.

I created the ultimate beginners guide on how to start a blog and make money which makes great use of screenshots. I used them as a way of showing my readers how to set up their blog, promote it, and generate an income from it.

#4. Infographics

Many of the top bloggers in this industry integrate the usage of infographics into their content marketing strategy.

Infographics are great for teaching people and if done properly… they can become backlink magnets.

A perfect example is my usage of this infographic from Quicksprout. It’s appealing to my audience and therefore I linked out to them as a form of giving them credit for their magnificent work.

#5. Data Visuals

I love data visuals. They are a form of visual content that adds validity to the points you are making.

Great usage of data visuals can be found at My Work From Home Money blog… In that blog post, Joseph makes perfect use of charts to illustrate his findings on how to make money blogging.

#6. Comics

Visual comics can greatly enhance your content. Some bloggers have gone a step further by creating cartoon characters to use as part of their content marketing strategy.

Graphicmama wrote a great blog post last year showing how the usage of cartoon characters can boost your business.

#7. Memes

I’m not a fan of using memes and have stayed away from using them on this blog. However, they have become quite popular and if properly used can greatly enhance your content.

Since I don’t use them, I couldn’t really give you any insights on how to properly use them, but here is a great article that shows you how to properly use memes.

#8. Visual Note Taking

I see more and more bloggers making use of this type of visual content.

Here’s a great introduction to visual note taking if you’re interested in using them.

#9. Miscellaneous Graphics

This basically refers to any form of visual content not mentioned in the previous 8 positions.

Don’t worry too much about what types of visual content to use, just make sure you use them to enhance your blog posts.



In order to survive as a full-time blogger, you must learn the art of using visual content to enhance your blog posts.

Above, you will find 9 media types which you should use and the tools you can use to create them.

Study them, decide which media types work best for your blog, and run with it.

Which media types are you using to enhance your blog posts?


Share your expertise, connect with like-minded individuals, and make your voice heard with your own blog.

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